Leadership & Accountability


Emily Everett

Executive Director

Renee Dietrich

Director of Communications and Sponsorship

Board of Directors

Last Updated: January 24, 2020

PRESIDENT: Fran McDermott

Richmond, Virgina

WHY I SERVE: “I give of myself, my skills, my prayers, my time, and my financial support because the gift I receive in return is much greater and more precious.”

TREASURER (EX-OFFICIO): David Gospodarek

CPA, Raleigh, North Carolina

TRUSTEE: Daniel Jn Mary

Administrator, Lekol Sen Trinite; Treasurer of St. Joseph Family

WHY I SERVE: “I serve because the St. Joseph Family was a provider, a loving place for me – I now want to help ensure the continuity of the work.”

TRUSTEE: Bill Nathan

Director of St. Joseph Community Outreach Center; Member of St. Joseph Family Board

WHY I SERVE: “I am blessed to have been raised in the St. Joseph Family, which made me the person I am today. The family cares about making a difference in so many children’s lives to give them a better tomorrow. Serving on the Hearts with Haiti board, it’s a wonderful thing. This organization really understands what it means to lift up the poor from poverty and to work with them to better their lives. And now seeing myself able to give back to the mission – it’s a wonderful feeling.”

TRUSTEE: Alan Stone

Richmond, Virginia

WHY I SERVE: “When I first visited Haiti about 2007, I was struck by the industriousness and intrinsic happiness of the Haitian people in spite of the dire circumstances in which many of them live. I also learned that the Haitian government is in no position to help its own people and, in fact, is often more of a hindrance than a help, and that it is NGO’s that are doing the most good for the Haitian people. After I was introduced to and visited the St. Joseph Family in 2011 and learned about their concepts of helping the most disadvantaged in Haitian society by educating them and raising them in loving, disciplined and respectful environments, I knew that was an organization I wanted to support through Hearts with Haiti. ”

TRUSTEE: Mark Peifer

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

WHY I SERVE: “The kids at Wings captured my heart and the hospitality and leadership of the St. Joseph Family give me confidence in the ongoing work.”

TRUSTEE: Julie Wade

Richmond, Virginia

WHY I SERVE: “I LOVE the people, including the kids at Wings of Hope and St. Joseph’s home, the people on the ground running the ministries, and the people with whom I serve. I have received far more than I have given, and feel truly blessed to be part of this family.”

TRUSTEE: Rev. Dr. Lynn Stanton-Hoyle

Clifton, Virginia

WHY I SERVE: “I am continually inspired by the “possibilities not disabilities” spirit of the Wings of Hope community. It is very gratifying to see the blossoming of potential and love in the lives of the Wings family and the Lekol Sen Trinite students, as their gifts are called forth through the dedicated work and service of the St. Joseph Family leaders and staff.”


Richmond, Virginia

WHY I SERVE: “The love and joy of the SJF and Wings residents (and staff). A great opportunity for direct impact with time, talent, and financial support. Small but meaningful steps for improving lives in Haiti.”

TRUSTEE: Lydia Warren

New Bern, North Carolina

WHY I SERVE: “I was first introduced to the Haitian people and the St. Joseph’s Family while on a mission trip in 2011. Though I thought I was there to serve others, I was astounded by the acts of service I experienced by the people there. I was amazed at their resiliency and graciousness as they overcame the effects of the earthquake, and truly witnessed the connectivity of the human spirit. Since then, I have returned many times to visit my new found friends and continue to serve alongside them in making a difference in the lives of the people of Haiti.”

TRUSTEE: Allison Simmons

New Bern, North Carolina

WHY I SERVE: “Haiti stole my heart a decade ago when I saw and experienced the beauty of human relationships and compassion in the midst of poverty. It’s a place balanced with realism and hope… which is why I ended up falling in love with the joyful noise at Wings of Hope. We are called to serve others and this organization allows us to do just that – ensure there are safe places for young men, women and children in Haiti.”


Emily Everett

Executive Director

Renee Dietrich

Director of Communications and Sponsorship

2022 Annual Impact Report

Fiscal Responsibility

Hearts with Haiti is committed to transparency and has been recognized as a Guidestar Exchange Gold Participant.

We have worked closely with our partners in Haiti to ensure financial accountability. The St. Joseph Family has yearly budgets, and we receive quarterly financial statements from them. The HWH board consists of all volunteers, and we do all we can to minimize administrative and fundraising costs in order to maximize the percentage of donations that are used to support programs in Haiti.

To request a copy of our latest Form 990 federal tax return, please contact our office at info@heartswithhaiti.org, or write to 27 Horne St., Raleigh, NC 27607.

Download our 990 here.


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