SJ Community Outreach Center​

Petionville, Haiti

SJ Community Outreach Center

The St. Joseph Family story began with St. Joseph’s Home for Boys in Petionville in 1985, bringing boys off the streets of Port-au-Prince to provide them with a Christian home and family.  

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti destroyed the St. Joseph’s building, generous donors helped build a lovely new facility, which arose from the rubble of the former home.  

As the boys of St. Joseph’s grew into young men and some assumed leadership roles in the family, the Petionville facility has taken on new life as a Community Outreach Center and Welcome Center.  It now hosts many community activities.  The former Art Center now hosts a local community-run and operated school and vocational school; while the public rooms serve as a venue for a local church, choir practice, dance classes, art classes, leadership training, recreation, meetings and much more. While these are all independent projects, and the St. Joseph Family does not economically support or manage any of them, the SJ Community Center does open its doors to its neighbors to provide a safe and beautiful place for people to gather to enrich their lives and build community.

The SJ Welcome Center is a haven for visitors, offering clean and comfortable rooms with beautiful rooftop views and amazing meals. It can also serve as a place for visiting groups to host conferences, meetings and medical clinics. To plan your stay at the SJ Welcome Center, please see the “Visit Haiti” section of our website or contact us at

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Read more about each outpost below and decide where your heart lies.

Wings of Hope

A home and programs for children and adults with physical and mental challenges

Lekole Sen Trinite

A tuition-free school for the children in need in the Jacmel community

Community Outreach Center

A gathering space to learn, enrich lives and build community


YOU can make a difference.

Your gift helps nourish minds and bodies at Lekòl Sen Trinite by providing vital resources, supporting teachers, stocking classrooms, and creating safe learning environments for the students.