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We are a US 501c3 nonprofit invested in fostering a brighter, more sustainable future for the young people of Haiti.  Each day, we see this vision fulfilled in the remarkable work of the St. Joseph Family.

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Thank You!
You Helped Us Exceed Our Goal
Your generous support has enabled Hearts with Haiti to raise more than $60,000 by April 30 as part of our April Matching fund-raising drive.  Your commitment to Haiti's young people is changing lives every day.
— Geoffrey Hamlyn, Executive Director, HWH
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Memories of a Wonderful Visit to Haiti
Trip Advisor Quotes of HWH 3
"(St. Joseph's) is incredible.  The boys are excellent, the staff wonderful, and Michael very hospitable.  I came here open to new experiences and new ways of finding God.  What I found here surpassed my expectation.  I found happiness and joy - signs of God's presence.  Thank you for enlivening my spirit through the work that you do."
— Visitor from MO, Spring 2014
"Thoroughly enjoyed my time.  You are truly a blessing to the people of Haiti."
— Visitor from MO, Spring 2014
"From the cup of cold water onward, our group was welcomed and immersed in the SJ Family.  Worship and prayer was powerful, and the effects of attentiveness, care, faith, skill, and love by the staff and boys and girls is evident in the lives of all."
— Visitor from AZ, Spring 2014
"I loved my stay at all of the locations, and especially enjoyed being able to interact with the children everywhere.  I've never had the opportunity to participate in many of the activities that we did this week, and this was the first time I've been to the country, so it was a very eye-opening experience."
— Visitor from MT, Spring 2014
"God is truly with this community.  Providing love, financial support, and time to SJF and Wings is a lifelong commitment for me.  Thank you for what you do and for being a blessing to the world. "
— Visitor from NC, Spring 2014 
"Truly appreciated getting to know your family.  Being a part of the Mass at St. Joseph's Home was priceless.  New building at St. Joseph's home is an amazing facility.  So thankful to have stayed.  Thanks for the experience and time.
— Visitor from IL, Spring 2014
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