Wednesday evening update

Wednesday evening update

We have now received reports that everyone at Wings and St. Joseph’s is safe and – as far as we can tell right how – the buildings have suffered only minor damage, all things considered. Praise God! Thanks to each of you and your generous gifts, we were fortunate enough to be able to construct buildings that can withstand hurricane force winds, and those investments have paid off. Unfortunately, most Haitians do not have those luxuries. Renee recently wrote:

The LST families are the poorest of the poor and we expect they will have damage. It was scary and hard to live through the hurricane in a sturdy cement building; I can’t even imagine what they went through in their simple homes – some with dirt floor and tarp walls. They are exceptionally vulnerable. They will need help. 

With your support, we will provide them with the help they need.

The LST staff are surveying the families to identify the damage to food and crops. Losses of crops mean loss of income and more food shortages.

And, not surprisingly, the elections have been postponed. Add political insecurity to all the other insecurities that our brothers and sisters in Haiti are experiencing right now. The storm may have passed, but there is still a very long road ahead.

So many of you have already made wonderfully generous donations. We can not thank you enough. But we can promise to be good stewards of your gifts.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to help the families who have been affected by Hurricane Matthew, you can do so easily by clicking the button below or by sending a check to the office (27 Horne St, Raleigh, NC 27607).

Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund

Thank you for your prayers and expressions of grief, love, support, and concern. We will continue to send and share updates as we receive them.

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