Tuesday evening update

Tuesday evening update

Renee was able to send out a very short message around 1:50pm today. We have not heard from her or any of our other loved ones in Haiti since, most likely due to lack of power and internet.

I am not sure if this will post. It is 1:50 PM. The Internet has been down since a little after 9 AM, I think. Cell phone service only working in about 20 second bursts very infrequently. Wind and rain is still bad in Jacmel. The wind was really wicked for a few hours mid morning to about 1PM. We are still holding out own at Wings, but wish this was over. It seems like it will be a long day followed by another long night.

The New York Times reports that one of the bridges collapsed, cutting off transportation. Reports also indicate that Les Cayes, Guichard’s home town, was hit particularly hard.

Plantains were unable to be harvested in time before the storm, which will undoubtedly contribute to a food shortage. Additionally, the storm destroyed avocado and banana trees, another major source of food and nutrition.

AID workers are expressing concern about lack of safe drinking water, which could lead to another cholera outbreak. Children are especially vulnerable. A UN official has said that this hurricane has caused the biggest humanitarian crisis since the 2010 earthquake.

Undoubtedly this will affect members of the SJF, both directly and indirectly. Though we have not heard of any damage reports yet, it is very likely that there will be – if not to the SJF buildings directly, then most certainly to the homes of employees and almost certainly the homes of LST students.

If you would like to donate toward offsetting these relief costs, you can do so easily by clicking the button below or by sending a check to the office (27 Horne St, Raleigh, NC 27607).

Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund

Mesi anpil to those of you who have already generously blessed us with your gifts!

Thank you for your prayers and expressions of grief, love, support, and concern. We will continue to send and share updates as we receive them.

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