How Plastic Yarn Builds a Community

How Plastic Yarn Builds a Community

In November of 2012, a mission team from the Midwest arrived at Lekòl Sen Trinite in Jacmel for their yearly visit.  They brought some plastic balls of yarn that parishioners made from plastic grocery bags.  They were hopeful that they could start a small cottage industry with their newly formed Women’s group.

The group began teaching women how to crochet, and several women caught on very fast.  One of the volunteers suggested it would be great if they could find a crochet teacher in Jacmel to help the women continue developing their skills.  The afternoon school classes were coming into their classroom and one of the teachers came over to us and said that she knows how to crochet and she would be willing to spend some extra time teaching the women.  That’s how it all began.

Time passed and in 2013 two more groups traveled to Jacmel.  Each time they brought more yarn for the women. One group grew to two – meeting once a week to pray, study the bible, sing praises to Jesus, and learn how to crochet.

By 2014, both groups had bonded and were praying together for the church and the mission teams that had become part of their lives.  On every trip the volunteers visited the women’s homes and brought what little they could to help with their daily struggles to care for their families.

The dream had been to come up with a marketing plan for their bags, but so far the mission team hadn’t been able to make it happen. The Haitian women never became discouraged and continued to make their bags as long as they had supplies.

In November 2015 the Lord provided a way. A mission group from St. James’s Episcopal Church Photo of women's groupin Virginia was in Jacmel painting the new Wings of Hope building at the same time that the Midwest team was there. The two teams talked over dinner about the bags, and the next day they bought 28 bags from 14 different women.  The Haitian women saw the processes from beginning to the end.  They received their earnings the next day, and it brought such joy to them as well as to the both visiting mission groups.  One mother sold eight bags and she said, “Now I have money to take my child to the doctor.”

It was through the women’s perseverance and the mission team’s belief that the Lord would provide the way. To this day, the team continues to supply the women with the plastic balls of yarn.

James 1:12 “Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial because when he has stood the test,
he will receive the crown of life.”


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