Visit Haiti – Come See Be

Interested in Traveling to visit the St. Joesph Family and experience Haiti? Come, See, Be

Come, See, Be 

Visitors to the Come, See, Be program will stay at the St. Joseph Family guest houses. Both St. Joseph’s (Port-au-Prince) and Wings of Hope have several dormitory-style rooms and several shared bathrooms. Accommodations are simple, yet comfortable.

The SJF guest houses offer a beautiful oasis in the midst of the busyness and unfamiliarity of Haiti. They include several meeting areas and quiet places to gather your thoughts and reflect on your experiences. From the rooftops of the guest houses you will have panoramic views of the surrounding neighborhoods and see the beauty of Haiti.

Shared spaces offer groups a community experience that is part of the Haitian culture. Because Haiti is a developing nation and the SJF tries to live in harmony with fewer resources, there are certain situations that guest must be prepared for. Electricity is available, but not on a 24-hour basis. The homes have running water, but conservation of water is encouraged. Special safe drinking water is provided. We strive to have internet access available for guests, but cannot guarantee that; and when it is available, the speeds are much slower than guests are used to. Haiti is a tropical climate, so guests need to be prepared for hot temperatures. Air conditioning is not available; fans are available.

Come, See, Be guests receive three delicious meals a day. Breakfast and dinner are served buffet-style and feature Haitian/American dishes. Special arrangements can be made for vegetarians or those are dietary allergies.

St. Joseph’s Home for Boys in Port-au-Prince.

Wings of Hope-Jacmel, Haiti

At Wings of Hope in Jacmel, guests stay in a home adjacent to the residence for the children and young adults of Wings of Hope.  In addition to comfortable, clean accommodations, guests at Wings of Hope have the opportunity to volunteer with and alongside the residents and staff.  In addition, Jacmel offers many stunning beaches and shopping opportunities for visitors.

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