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About the home

The young people in the care of the St. Joseph Family come from some of the most desperate conditions in Haiti, with no support network and often dim prospects for survival.  St. Josephs’ Home for Boys operates under the Walnes and Wootroddirection of Bill Nathan and Walnes Cangas, who are both SJF alums.

Transitioning into Independence

The St. Joseph Family has always emphasized a quality education as a cornerstone of the ministry, providing tutors and individual attention so that each child can grow into their fullest potential. And now, St. Joseph’s Home for Boys is embarking on building the next logical step to facilitate the transition from St. Joe’s to sustainable employment and independent living.

Timoun Jodi Granmoun Demen (“Children Today, Adults Tomorrow”) provides each young man at St. Joseph’s with personalized career counseling and a transition plan for moving toward financial independence. Together, the boys and their mentors will identify a vocational path and the steps necessary for achieving their goal. Regular one-on-one meetings will ensure progress is being met and identify any necessary course adjustments.

Background and Earthquake

This dream of bringing boys off the street to provide them with a Christian home and family became reality in 1985. The family grew from five boys living in temporary quarters to Court at St. Josephs Bballapproximately 20 boys and a large home that included comfortable guest lodging, a chapel, and an art center. This home was an oasis in times of joy and times of sadness, with quiet recesses for contemplation and large spaces for celebration.


In January of 2010, the main home for these young men and the unique mission center that thousands of guests and volunteers had come to love came crashing down in a matter of seconds. Memories and material possessions were lost – Ben Splichal Larsen, a young seminarian from the United States was tragically lost amid the rubble – and a whole way of life changed in an instant. By the grace of God, no residents of the St. Joseph Family lost their lives as the building collapsed and the home’s director, Bill Nathan, was flung seven stories off the top of the building, but lived to tell his story of survival to the world.


Today, thanks to the support of friends across the world, a brand new vibrant St. Joseph’s home stands in the footprint of the original facility. Guests are coming in droves, the spectacular collection of Haitian visual art, mostly spared from destruction during the earthquake, adorns the guest house, and the steady drumming and dancing of the Resurrection Dance Theater of Haiti is again enlivening the family room of the new building.

Guest House Facilities

The guest house St. Joseph’s Home for Boys, rated as a ‘Top Choice’ in the Lonely Planet guide to Haiti, is an economical and extremely comfortable place to stay in Port-au-Prince.

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