St. Joseph Family


Gate at the St. Joseph Home for Boys in Petionville, HaitiHearts with Haiti is a primary funding partner for the St. Joseph Family, a remarkable organization that ministers to the most disadvantaged populations in Haiti—former street children, child slaves, and individuals with disabilities. 

In existence for nearly 30 years, hundreds of young people and thousands in the broader community have benefited from this ministry.  Today, more than 40 children are supported at three St. Joseph Family locations, about 150 children receive their education through Lekòl Sen Trinite day-school programs at Trinity House and the day program at Wings of Hope, and hundreds more benefit from SJF outreach programs, including microlending initiatives and a day program for restaveks (child slaves). Transformed from being the rejected ones in Haiti to being among the very best of servant-leaders, members of the St. Joseph Family have reached out and changed the lives of countless other Haitian boys and girls to be the best they can be.

The St. Joseph Family is remarkable in its commitment to servant leadership. Since its founding in 1985, the St. Joseph Family has exemplified this virtue, with all residents seeking humble rewards for their dedication to lifting up Haiti’s most vulnerable youth. Today, a new generation of leadership has emerged as the core of this mission, with dozens of St. Joseph Family graduates comprising various staff and governance roles. Indeed, the very existence of Trinity House, Lekòl Sen Trinite, and Wings of Hope can be attributed to the young men of the St. Joseph’s Home for Boys, who saw the needs of their fellow countrymen and women and responded with a resounding commitment to spreading the mission of the St. Joseph Family to new populations and communities.

Children find their way to the St. Joseph Family in various ways — through placements from social services, referrals from pastors, priests, nuns and other non-profit organizations who know the St. Joseph Family and who have identified a child who is at-risk or who is abandoned or orphaned; through referrals from hospitals and clinics who have working relationships with the St. Joseph Family and who have children abandoned at their facilities; from the parents and families of disabled children who cannot care for them at home; and some of our children were abandoned on our doorstep. Each child’s story is unique.

Distinct from its funding partners, like Hearts with Haiti, in terms of governance, staffing, and policies, the St. Joseph Family is committed to excellence on all levels.  St. Joseph Family Board Members regularly meet with funding partner representatives to develop strategies for growth and development.