Wings of Hope Van Fundraising

Wings of Hope needs a new van.

Wings of Hope is currently without regular and reliable transportation. Reliable transportation is important for Wings of Hope for many reasons. All of the Wings of Hope residents have serious and varied medical needs.  So the van will be used for trips to Port-au-Prince for medical care that cannot be found in Jacmel.

Also a reliable vehicle is used to go out and purchase items needed by the home — medicine, food, supplies, etc. Wings of Hope having their own vehicle would make the shopping trips easier, and less expensive. A vehicle is needed in order to provide transportation for enrichment. Leaders and staff like to take the residents out into the community for field trips and new life experiences. This is not possible without a vehicle because many of the residents use wheelchairs. A reliable vehicle is also used to transport visitors and mission teams who have come to Haiti to spend time and serve with the St. Joseph Family.

Update: June 2017

The Funds are in and the St. Joseph Leadership is in the process of purchasing a van for the Wings of Hope Family. Once leadership has purchased a van we will post a picture for all to see!

Thank you for your generous donation and outpouring of support to the Wings of Hope family.