Birthday: December 1, 1998

For several years Vilner attend classes at Wings
of Hope as a day student. He lived in an orphanage near Wings of Hope when Wings was in Fermathe. That orphanage did not have any programs for kids with disabilities and Vilner flourished with the opportunities he received at Wings of Hope. When Wings moved to Jacmel the other orphanage recognized that Vilner would have many more opportunities living at Wings of Hope, so they transferred him to Wings. Vilner is now a full-time
member of the Wings of Hope family.

Vilner has a physical disability and uses a wheelchair. He also likes to get out of his chair and crawl. He has a speech problem and cannot speak clearly, but he has no problem communicating his needs and wants in
other ways.

He is a very intelligent, funny and personable
young man. He loves to interact with the other kids and can often be found pushing a line of wheelchairs across the Wings courtyard. He likes to help the other kids any way he can. He participates in the school and all the activities at Wings.

Vilner loves to draw and is a good artist. The staff
at Wings of Hope is looking for ways to increase his artist talents and foster his creativity