Birthday (Approx.): 1996

Tigga is a quiet, loving young man. A visitor to St. Joseph’s
Home for Boys found Tigga in Cite Soley when Tigga was having a
seizure. Tigga was abandoned and no one would claim him. The visitor
brought Tigga to St. Joseph’s Home for Boys. He spent some time
living at Trinity House, our home in Jacmel, before moving to Wings of

Tigga is severely epileptic and has suffered major trauma
and lacerations to the head during seizures. He now wears a helmet
to protect his head during his seizures. He suffers from brain damage
from his seizures and the trauma that he experienced because of
them. This delays his ability to process information. Tigga is medicated
daily for his epilepsy and is making substantial developments
in his cognitive skills, speech and physical coordination. Tigga’s emotions
change quickly.

Tigga goes to the Wings of Hope school and he is learning
his numbers, letters, music and art. Tigga gets great pleasure from
any stimulation and seeks out all opportunities for learning. Tigga has
a well-developed sense of justice and will question authority if he
does not believe people are being treated fairly. He is learning about
responsibility by doing chores at Wings of Hope. He loves the responsibilities
he has been given and often makes up his own jobs to keep
himself busy and productive. He also likes to help out with the more
severely handicapped children.

Tigga’s favorite thing to do is dance and he will light up when
music is played. Tigga likes to tell jokes and play with the other children.
He likes to play with Zèl, the Wings of Hope dog. He loves
stuffed animals and will pretend they are livestock. His favorite animals
are cows. Sometimes Tigga likes to play alone. He also craves
one-on-one attention from his care-givers and visitors.