Ti Laza

Birthday (Approx.): 2012

Ti Laza was referred to Wings of Hope by an
American missionary who is friends with Wings of
Hope. He knew Ti Laza was living at an orphanage
in Port-au-Prince, but they were having trouble managing Ti Laza.

He has behavioral problems and hyperactivity. Because of his mental and emotional issues, Ti Laza has a hard time following directions, but the Wings staff is working with him to improve his behavior.

Ti Laza loves running around and can often
be seen either chasing or being chased by the other
kids or staff, and laughing the whole time.

He attends classes at the Wings of Hope school, but has trouble sitting still and paying attention in class. He likes all the activities at Wings and loves to be involved in everything.

When he came to Wings, he was called simply “Laza” but because there is another Wings resident
named Lazar, we added “Ti”, which means “Little” to his name.