Birthday (Approx.): 1992

Teddy is a bright, shining joy of a young man. He constantly has a huge smile on his face and loves to laugh. He has cerebral
palsy and does not walk, but gets around by using a wheelchair.

Teddy was abandoned at the University General Hospital in Port-au-Prince. He was discovered by members of Team Canada, a Healing Hands for Haiti medical group. Healing Hands for Haiti volunteer
at Wings of Hope and were familiar with our program. They asked us to take in Teddy and another boy, David, they identified at
the hospital who would benefit from the home and therapy we could offer them at Wings of Hope.

Teddy does not talk, but uses other ways to communicate. He points to things he wants and makes noises to get attention. He
has also made up his own form of sign language to make himself understood.
He knows how to use a communication picture board. He is toilet trained and will let the care-givers know when he needs to use the rest room. Teddy is learning how to use a computer and loves
computer class.

Teddy attends the Wings of Hope school and has daily physical therapy sessions. It is his responsibility to keep track of which children have been fed at mealtimes and make sure everyone eats.
Teddy is a deep thinker and is very responsible in his actions.

Teddy loves to interact with the other children at Wings of Hope and with visitors. He likes listening to music on his CD player.
He also loves to eat and play with musical instruments. Teddy understands a lot of English and will respond appropriately when asked
questions or talked to in English.

Teddy has some issues with eating and frequently has heartburn and stomach issues. The staff works hard to find foods that
Teddy can tolerate so he doesn’t get sick.