Birthday (Approx.): 1999

Steve is an energetic young man. He was brought to Wings of Hope by the Haitian Department of Social Services. He is hyperactive and has an attention deficit disorder. As he has matured, he has become more calm. He also has intellectual disabilities.

Steve is an active, positive, smiling ball of energy. His behavior is being managed currently with consistent, reliable and loving direction. He does not like hearing the word “no.” Steve benefits from being involved in a regular routine and having fun education experiences. Steve attends the Wings of Hope school and activity
programs. He often has trouble calming down and
focusing on the tasks the rest of the group is doing, but he is getting better at that. Steve likes doing chores around the house.

Steve loves playing with the other children and
visitors and having fun. He likes music and dancing. He is good at playing the drum. He also loves to bounce and jump. He acts as a very good “big brother” to the more
disabled children and helping them whenever he can