Sam has cerebral palsy which effects his
arms and legs. He also has a severe form of scoliosis.
We believe he has been physically challenged
since birth.

In February 2006, Sam developed a high
fever and was taken by his father to a hospital in
Jacmel. The father abandoned Sam there. For several
months, Sam was cared for by the doctors and
nurses at the hospital. The families of other patients
shared their food with him. One of the doctors at the
hospital is from the Fermathe area and heard about
Wings of Hope and his family brought Sam to us.

Sam is a smart, happy young man. He is learning to speak and likes making noises and loves
to laugh. He is learning how to feed himself. His favorite
food is french fries.

Sam loves being tickled and has an infectious
laugh. He is very interactive and loves to play. He
likes to mimic bad behavior as a joke.

Sam is involved in the physical therapy and
educational and recreational therapy programs at
Wings of Hope.