Birthday (Approx.): 1974

Raoul was one of the original members of the
Wings of Hope family when it started in 1994. He
has a mental disability but is very high functioning.

Raoul takes great pride in the responsibilities
he has been given around the house. Raoul is a
helper for various workers around the house. He
also does other chores around the house. Raoul
also takes responsibility for several of the more disabled
and smaller children at Wings of Hope.

Raoul is totally independent in his self-care.
He is happy and loves to interact with the other children
and visitors. Raoul likes to joke around and
laugh. He likes to eat and enjoys sweet treats. He
attends the Wings of Hope school.
Because he is much older than many of the
residents at Wings of Hope, he often needs a break
from the other children and will find a quiet place to
sit by himself.