Mamoune is a charming young woman. She was
brought to Wings of Hope by her family and they sometimes come to visit her.

She has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. She has limited range of motion in her legs and left arm. She does have full use of her right arm.
Mamoune likes to wheel herself around in her wheelchair.

She is doing well through her daily physical therapy
sessions and can feed herself. The staff and older
boys at Wings of Hope are working with Mamoune to increase her speaking skills. She is shy about speaking, but is capable of doing it. She also is in our recreational therapy program to keep her body and mind engaged when she is not in physical therapy.

Mamoune is generally shy, but is happy and can
be interactive. She likes to joke and tease. She sometimes averts her eyes or looks at people out of the corners of her eyes, but when you catch her eye and talk to her, Mamoune’s smile can light up a room.

Mamoune is starting to mimic the English that she
hears the visitors speaking and likes to great people with “How are you?”