Birthday: July 22, 2001

Josephine is a sweet, energetic, happy girl. She came to Wings of Home from Grace Children’s Hospital, where she was abandoned.

Josephine has cerebral palsy and spinal problems.
Her physical disabilities slightly limit the use of her extremities, but she has active movement in all her extremities. She is able to stand with support and likes to get out of her wheelchair and walk with assistance. She can feed herself.

Josephine works with the physical therapist daily to
strengthen her muscles and increase her abilities. She is in our recreational therapy program to keep her body and mind engaged when she is not in physical therapy. She also attends the Wings of Hope school.

Josephine likes playing with toys and interacting with others. She can speak Kreyol, French and English, and often repeats words and phrases she hears. She often interprets for
volunteers with the other kids and staff. She helps to lead the daily prayers at Wings of Hope. She loves music and can sing many songs. She is very bright and likes to play jokes on people. Josephine loves to be talked to and held. She likes to look out for the less-abled wheelchair children. She likes listening
to music on her CD player.

Josephine has a heart-warming smile and an excited squeal when she is happy. Everyone who visits Wings of Hope is drawn to Josephine and she captures their hearts.