Gesner is an autistic young man. His brother, Dieufort,
is also autistic and lives at Wings of Hope. Gesner and Dieufort
were brought to Wings of Hope by a Catholic Relief Service
volunteer who found them in Kenscoff begging on the
street. They were abused by their family before being abandoned.
Gesner does not talk, but loves to move around. He is
known for taking visitors by the hand and giving them special
tours of the Wings of Hope facility. He also loves sitting in the
sun. He likes to play independently with small objects. He
loves playing with Legos and building tall structures. He is very
food-motivated and loves to eat. He is good at following directions.
Gesner is uncertain of social interaction and hovers on
the outskirts of activities, although over the years he has become
more and more social. He loves to give hugs to people.

Gesner likes to be involved, but will soon remove himself from
the stimulation. He likes to play with Zèl, the Wings of Hope

Gesner likes to do actions of service, like pushing
chairs, clearing the table and carrying clothes to the laundry,
but he sometimes doesn’t actually finish the task he starts. He
is very nervous.

Gesner has outburst seizures when he is agitated or
he becomes chemically unbalanced. During these times he becomes
violent and self-harms. Gesner is on medication to control
those outbursts and is now much more calm and happy