Funa is a bright, happy young woman. She was
brought to Wings of Hope by her parents because they
could not care for her. Her family sometimes comes to
visit her.
Because she has cerebral palsy, Funa does not
walk and gets around in a wheelchair. She has active
movement in both arms and legs, but her range of motion
and coordination is limited due to muscle control issues.
She is benefiting from daily physical therapy and is
very motivated during her physical therapy sessions. Despite
her physical therapy sessions, Funa’s physical disabilities
are increasing as she grows, making it more
difficult for her to sit in her wheelchair and hold herself
Funa attends the school at Wings of Hope and
loves learning new things. She is very intelligent and has
good math skills. She also is in our recreational therapy
program to keep her body and mind engaged when she
is not in physical therapy.
Funa loves to smile and laugh. She thrives on attention
and one-on-one contact. Funa is very motivated
to please. She loves listening to music on her CD player.
She likes watching movies.