Fritz is determined, loving, happy young man.
He was brought to Wings of Hope by his parents
who heard about our family through their pastor. He
has an older brother with the same handicaps as
Fritz, but his family was only able take care of one of

Because he has cerebral palsy, Fritz can’t
walk. When Fritz first came to Wings of Hope he
could crawl, but he has grown and his disability has
progressed, so he no longer has the strength to do
that. He is benefiting from his daily sessions with the
physical therapist. He also may be mildly mentally

Fritz is encouraged to do as much for himself
as possible to increase his strength and skill levels.
Fritz attends the school at Wings of Hope.
He likes to be involved in activities and play
with the other children. He is very mischievous and
loves to tease people and play jokes on others. He
loves listening to music on his CD player.