Frank Ely

Frank Ely is a sweet young man with some developmental, psychological and emotional challenges. He was brought to Wings of
Hope by a doctor who previously volunteered at the home. Frank Ely’s mother was raped around the time of his conception, but no one knows if Frank Ely is the product of the rape because his mother
stopped speaking after the rape. His mother was not able to care for Frank Ely in a responsible manner and when he was three-years-old, his grandmother took him into her home because she saw he was not living in good conditions and his mother had mental problems. Frank Ely lived with his grandmother until early 2008 when she gave up guardianship of him because of her age and inability to care for him
any longer. She took him to a clinic in Cite Soley where she knew the people who ran the clinic. The nurse at the clinic took him to an orphanage, but when checking on Frank Ely after he had been there for several weeks, the nurse removed him from that orphanage because they did not provide the supervision the children needed and she feared for Frank Ely’s safety. Around that same time, the nurse and doctor from the clinic started volunteering at Wings of Hope and were
impressed with the facility and asked the Wings of Hope leadership to
take Frank Ely in.

Frank Ely likes living at Wings of Hope and has made many friends. He especially likes taking care of and playing with Zèl, the
dog at Wings of Hope. He is very outgoing and vocal, although he has some speech problems. Frank Ely participates in the Wings of Hope school program.

Frank Ely may not be physically handicapped, but has mental, emotional and developmental disabilities. Frank Ely is on daily medication for his psychological issues. The staff works with Frank
Ely to praise him for his appropriate behavior and to gently correct him when he acts out.