Fabiola was brought to Wings of Hope by her parents
because they could not care for her. She suffers from mental
retardation and cerebral palsy. Fabiola’s disabilities are due to
a high fever when she was a baby. Fabiola’s sister comes to
visit her periodically.
When she came to Wings of Hope Fabiola was not
able to sit because her muscles were stiff. She has made a lot
of progress with physical therapy she is now able to sit in a
special wheelchair, but cannot sit independently outside of her
wheelchair. She is able to move both of her arms, but does not
have a complete range of motion and she has limited mobility
in her hands. She does not have movement in her legs. She
attends physical therapy daily to maintain her muscles and
flexibility and improve her abilities. She also is in our recreational
therapy program to keep her body and mind engaged
when she is not in physical therapy.
Fabiola does not talk, but likes to interact socially by
laughing and using her arms. She can use a picture board to
communicate. She is friendly and has a big, bright, beautiful
smile. She thrives on attention. Fabiola likes music and playing
with bubbles.
Fabiola has health issues relating to her ability to eat
and get the nourishment she needs to maintain her health.
The staff at Wings takes a lot of time to ensure she eats
enough daily