Erique has Down Syndrome and is intellectually challenged. He also has some communication problems. Erique functions well and is an important part of the Wings family. He was one of the original members of the Wings of Hope family
when it started in 1994.

Erique attends school at Wings of Hope and is learning colors, numbers and the alphabet, allowing him to learn to read and do simple math Erique is very serious and friendly. He likes to play with toys and wear baseball caps. He also likes to be alone. He is quiet and shy, but likes to interact with others when approached. He loves listening to music on his
CD player. Pierre, another young man with Down Syndrome at Wings of Hope, is his best friend. He loves to dance and he
and Pierre have created their own dance routine.

Erique is totally independent in his self care. He has limited speech abilities. He has the cognitive ability to speak, but has never been encouraged to do so, and therefore gets by with a series of grunts and by pointing. We are working with Erique to increase his speech skills.

Erique is learning about responsibility by doing chores at Wings of Hope. He likes to wash dishes and put the smaller
children to bed. Through his increased participation in the maintenance of the home, Erique’s self-esteem has been boosted and his assertiveness and ability to communicate have also increased. Because of this opportunity for Erique to
work and contribute to the family, everyone has become aware of how capable Erique is and how much more he can become.