Birthday (Approx.): 1999

form of cerebral palsy that effects the mainly the right
side of his body. He cannot walk and uses a wheelchair. He
can also get around without his wheelchair by scooting around
on his butt and using his left arm and leg to propel himself.
David is very bright. He sits at the table for meals and
can feed himself, but he likes to trick visitors into feeding him.
He does not talk normally, but is learning to form word and
sentences on a basic level and is now partially verbal. He is
great at mimicking animal sounds.
David was abandoned at the University General Hospital
in Port-au-Prince. He was discovered by members of
Team Canada, a Healing Hands for Haiti medical group. Healing
Hands for Haiti volunteer at Wings of Hope and were familiar
with our program. They asked us to take in David and
another boy, Teddy, they identified at the hospital who would
benefit from the home and therapy we could offer them at
Wings of Hope.
David works with the physical therapist every day. He
also attends the school at Wings of Hope.
David likes being in the center of the activity and playing
with the other children. He is a natural-born comic and
loves to tease and be teased. He also likes interacting with visitors.
He always has a smile and is eager to try new things. He
also loves listening to music on his CD player. He likes to ride
the hand tricycles at Wings of Hope. He loves to sit in the sun