Clifton is a happy, quiet child who has a
heartwarming smile. Clifton came to Wings of Hope
from an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. The staff at
the orphanage loved Clifton, but were not able to
deal with his disabilities.
Clifton has cerebral palsy. He does not walk
and uses a wheelchair. He has a hard time holding
himself up, so his wheelchair has supports in it to
help him sit comfortably. He does not talk but likes
being talked to and will smile and laugh when he interacts
with others. Clifton will mimic sounds and
tones and will “sing” in a call-and-response manner.
He likes to be tickled.
Clifton works with the physical therapist every
day to help him develop his muscles and increase
his flexibility. He also is in our recreational therapy
program to keep his body and mind engaged when
he is not in physical therapy.