Carline was brought to Wings of Hope by the Haitian Department of Social Services. She was found abandoned in the streets following a car accident. She had a cast on her leg when she arrived at Wings of Hope, but she has recovered from the injuries she sustained in the accident. Since nothing is known about her family or background, it is unknown if her all of her permanent physical and mental disabilities are a result of the car accident, or if they were pre-existing.

Members of the Wings of Hope staff remember seeing her wandering the streets of Petionville prior to the car accident, so we are sure she had some mental challenges before the accident.

Carline has both physical and mental disabilities. She also suffers from a severe seizure disorder and wears a helmet to protect
her head when she has a seizure. She walks with a limp and is intellectually
challenged. She likes to wander around the house. She is very happy and always smiling.

After the January 12, 2010, earthquake, Carline became much more verbal and interactive and now can participate in simple
conversations. Her favorite response is “Wi!” (“Yes!”) and will repeat that. She can recite the Lord’s Prayer during the daily prayer time at Wings of Hope. She likes to sing and sings many of the songs during the worship services at Wings of Hope. She also likes to hold the flag during the singing of the Haitian national anthem each morning. She loves music and loves to dance. Carline likes to take a nap in the afternoons,
after lunch.

Carline participates in the educational, therapy and recreational activities at Wings of Hope.