For several years Sarafina attend classes at Wings of Hope as a day student. She lived in an orphanage near Wings of Hope when Wings was in Fermathe. That orphanage did not have any programs for kids with disabilities and Sarafina flourished with the opportunities she received at Wings of Hope. When Wings moved to Jacmel the other orphanage recognized that Sarafina
would have many more opportunities living at Wings of Hope, so they transferred her to Wings.

Sarafina is now a full-time member of the Wings of Hope family. Sarafina has a physical disability and uses a wheelchair, she also has a speech problem and cannot speak clearly.

She participates in the school and activities at
Wings of Hope. She makes friends easily and always has a smile on her face. She is a sweet girl who loves to laugh.

Sarafina loves to pray and often leads prayers at
Wings; even though her prayers can’t be understood by
others, we know God speaks her language.