Nelio is a boy who is often in his own world. He is
autistic and spends much of his time alone, but from time to
time will interact with others. Nelio also has a seizure disorder.
Nelio was abandoned by his family at General Hospital
because of his disabilities. Besides his autism and intellectual
disabilities, Nelio also had a severe problem with is right leg
when he was discovered at the hospital by representatives
from Doctors Without Borders in December 2006, and could
no longer walk. The staff at Doctors Without Borders took Nelio
to one of their hospitals in Port-au-Prince and performed a surgery
which allowed Nelio to walk again. After he recovered
they brought him to Wings of Hope, because they were not
able to provide him with a home or long-term care.
Nelio doesn’t talk much, but he does babble quite a bit.
He does have the ability to speak and will repeat words others
are saying. He also repeats words that represent actions he is
doing or wants to do — manje (food), ale (go), jwe (play), etc.
He can walk, but enjoys sitting in the wheelchairs at
Wings of Hope and observing the activities of the staff and
other children. When he’s very happy, Nelio has a great smile.
He loves to eat and can feed himself. Nelio’s favorite
activity is eating and can be sneaky at mealtimes, running in
and taking food from the plates of others.
With the attention of the Wings staff, Nelio is becoming
more interactive.