One morning in early May 2014, when the Wings leadership opened the gate for the day they found a young disabled boy sitting in the driveway, abandoned on the Wings of Hope doorstep. The leadership brought him into the home and tried to determine who he was and
what he needed. While he could walk, he had an obvious physical disability, with weakness on one side and stroke-like symptoms. At first the leadership thought he couldn’t talk, but after he became comfortable William began to speak. He has some intellectual disabilities and we believe he is on the autism spectrum. He also has seizures. As William has become more and more comfortable at Wings of Hope and with his new family, his personality has begun to shine. He loves music. He likes to joke around and is very funny. William loves to eat. He is fascinated when Wings of Hope has visitors and loves interacting with them. When he doesn’t like something, William has no problem making his feelings known. William actively participates in all the activities at Wings of Hope and is doing well in the educational and recreational programs.