Dieufort is a highly autistic young man. His brother,
Gesner, is also autistic and lives at Wings of Hope. Dieufort and Gesner were brought to Wings of Hope by a Catholic Relief Service volunteer who found them in Kenscoff begging on the street. They were abused by their family before being abandoned.

Dieufort interacts with others by briefly make eye contact and laughing. He doesn’t talk but communicates through noises and actions. He is good at following directions. He likes to help others. Because of his autism, Dieufort does not easily interact with the other children and visitors, but with attention and
time he is becoming more willing to participate in some activities. He has matured enough socially over the past few years
that he can participate in Wings field trips and loves taking trips with the other children outside the home.

He does enjoy sitting in the sun and finding quiet places to be alone. He also
likes doing chores and can be seen carrying laundry and sweeping around the house. He takes pride in able to do jobs around the house.

Dieufort loves playing with a soccer ball or a basketball and will entertain him self for hours kicking the ball or shooting
baskets. He has a loud and excited laugh when he is happy. Dieufort loves to tease. Dieufort participates in the school and activity programs at Wings of Hope. They are improving his social skills and physical abilities