Marhitza is a joyful young lady who excitedly greets
visitors to Wings of Hope. Marhitza is deaf. She had polio at a
very early age and has much difficulty walking. She used a
wheelchair when she first came to Wings of Hope, but soon
made it known she wanted out of the wheelchair. Since Wings
moved to Jacmel and the facility is much more accessible,
Marhitza has been using a walker and gets around very well
using that.
While she does not talk, Marhitza makes her feelings
known by excitedly screaming and clapping. She also has
some intellectual disabilities. She gets so excited by new experiences
she sometimes confuses her emotions.
Marhitza is from an area on the outskirts of Jacmel,
known as Cayes-Jacmel. Pazapa, a school for special needs
children in Jacmel, referred Marhitza to us. Marhitza’s mother
left Cayes-Jacmel seeking a better life in the Dominican Republic
when Marhitza was very young and left her in the care
of the local community. She has not been heard of since leaving.
The community care Marhitza received seems to have
been minimal.
Marhitza loves to play with the other children. She is a
very happy girl. She is a joker and loves to playfully tease others.
She always has a huge smile on her face. Marhitza loves
to dance and clap. She is very observant and loves to be in the
middle of the activities at Wings of Hope.
Marhitza attends the Wings of Hope school. She also
attends the physical and recreational therapy programs.