Junior is a highly autistic young man. He was abandoned
by his biological family and lived for a time in a forest.
He was one of the original members of the Wings of Hope
family when it started in 1994.
Junior likes to be quiet and calm and prefers to spend
time alone. He likes to spend time in his bed, covered with a
blanket, where it is quiet. He does respond to being held,
stroked, rocked, sung to, talked to, walked around, looked at or
any other firm physical stimulation. He spends time in recreational
therapy to increase his social skills.
When he is stressed or unsure of his surroundings
Junior will hit himself. He often wraps his arms up in the
sleeves of his shirt to prevent this. He also wears a helmet to
help protect him from hurting himself. Any activity he participates
in ensures stimulation and decreases his self-harming
Junior can walk and joins the rest of the family for
meals and prayers. He has a great sense of time and will leave
his room when he knows he needs to be somewhere for an activity.
Raoul takes responsibility for Junior during mealtimes
and helps to feed him.
In big crowds, Junior will find someone who is calm
and will see that person as a safe place. He will climb in their
lap and sit quietly so he can be a part of the activity, but in his
own quiet way