BJ was brought to Wings of Hope by the Haitian Department of Social Services. BJ arrived unexpectedly at Christmastime and he
was seen by members of the St. Joseph’s Home for Boys and Wings of Hope families as an early Christmas gift. Because of this, he was given the name BJ — the family’s own little “Baby Jesus.”

BJ has cerebral palsy. He cannot walk, but has active movement in his arms and legs. He doesn’t talk, but loves to make noise,
and communicates his wants and needs very effectively. He loves to
laugh. BJ suffered from malnutrition before he came to Wings of Hope
and had some medical issues when he first arrived, but now he loves
to eat and is growing and thriving.

The physical therapist works with BJ every day. The therapists and staff at Wings of Hope are working with BJ to strengthen his
muscles, improve his flexibility and gain eye/hand coordination. He
also is in our recreational therapy and education programs to keep his
body and mind engaged when he is not in physical therapy. He is improving
in his ability to follow directions and is very interactive. Programming
has helped the staff at Wing to understand that BJ is quite intelligent. Simple choice making activities have helped BJ respond
correctly when posed a question. BJ is responsive when asked to pray.

BJ likes to be talked to, held and tickled. He is very aware of his surroundings and wants to be included in activities. He loves getting
out of his wheelchair and one-on-one interactions.

He has three favorite times during the day — breakfast, lunch and dinner
— and is an eating machine!