Peterson is an active young man who began attending Wings of Hope as a day student. He is autistic, has a seizure disorder and some intellectual disabilities. He receives medication daily at Wings of Hope to help control his seizures, but wears a helmet to protect his head if he has a seizure.

Peterson’s mother is a merchant who had a market stand on the
street outside of Wings of Hope in Fermathe, selling food she cooked. She got
to know the leaders of Wings of Hope as they passed by her market stand and purchased food from her. She asked the leaders to allow Peterson to spend the day at Wings of Hope so she knew he was in a safe place and would be taken care of while she worked to support her family. Peterson began coming to Wings of Hope in 2007 as day student and lived with his family near Wings.

In 2009, his family situation changed and it was no longer safe for him to live at home, so he became a resident at Wings of Hope. He is very happy with the move.

Peterson did not do well when we tried to place him in the classroom. He did not interact well with the stimulation of being around so many other children, so we created a work-study program for him. For many years he helped in the laundry and benefitted from the positive interactions he had with the laundry workers. He likes to do other chores and tasks around Wings of Hope.

Over the years, we have seen many positive changes in Peterson. His self-confidence and self-esteem have dramatically increased. He used to be made fun of by the neighborhood children and they would hit him and steal his toys, but with the confidence he has gained at Wings of Hope, he now is able to stand up for himself and interact in more positive ways with others.

He has become more talkative and interactive with others. While he
does not like to play with the other children, he does like interacting with adults
and spending time playing with toys by himself. He loves to play basketball
and jumping rope. He likes to collect and carry around toys and other little items that look like junk to others, but become toys with his active imagination. He carries a backpack full of his treasures at all times. He loves balls of any
kind and loves to kick and toss balls with others or by himself. Peterson loves
to sing and loves listening to his radio.