Lazar is a happy, delightful young man. He was brought to
Wings of Hope by the Haitian Department of Social Services because
is family could not care for him. However, his family is in his life and
they visit whenever they can. Lazar is very happy when his father and
brothers visit him and is proud to introduce them to everyone at
Wings and all the visitors.
Lazar’s disabilities were caused by a high fever when he
was very young. Lazar has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. He
has active movement of his extremities, but lacks coordination for
smooth, precise movements. This inability to coordinate his upper and
lower extremities limits his ability to walk and perform other daily
tasks. He can scoot across the floor when he is not in his wheelchair.
He also is working on his speech skills and he loves to talk.
He knows English and can understand much of what the visitors say
to him in English and can speak in English. He likes to move himself
around in his wheelchair and interact with the other children and visitors.
Lazar attends the Wings of Hope school. He is intelligent
and learns quickly. He completes simple tasks with ease. He is very
motivated and willing to participate in a variety of play and school activities.
Lazar is learning how to use a computer and loves his computer
Lazar has a lot of energy and is very friendly. He is very capable
and has a lot of potential. He loves music and loves to laugh.
He likes to do simple tasks around the house and to help others.