Birthday (Approx.): 1990

Pierre is a sweet young man with Down Syndrome.

Pierre was brought to Wings of Hope by the Missionaries of Charity Sisters — the order founded by Mother Teresa. He had been living at their home for the dying after being injured in a car accident. Pierre suffered a severely broken leg and a fractured skull in the accident. When no one came forward to help

Pierre after the accident he was taken tot he Missionaries of Charity and they cared for him until he was well enough to come to Wings of Hope. After coming to Wings of Hope Pierre was able to stop using his crutches to get around and now walks on his own, without any physical handicaps.
Pierre attends school at the Wings of Hope classroom and likes to be involved in all the activities. He is learning
about responsibility by doing chores at Wings of Hope and he loves being given tasks to complete. He also likes helping the
more handicapped residents at Wings of Hope and helps feed them and
push their wheelchairs.

Pierre loves field trips and going places with the staff
and other children at Wings of Hope. He is also fascinated by tap-taps and other vehicles. He loves music and likes to dance and play the drums. He is very prayerful and loves when it is time for prayers at Wings of Hope. His quiet disposition and easy smile brightens the days at Wings of Hope.