Child Sponsorship: Wings of Hope

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Sponsoring a child is the most effective way to provide support to Haiti’s most vulnerable children

At Wings of Hope, your donation allows the St. Joseph Family to provide a loving home for each of the residents, including nutritious meals, physical therapy, nutritious meals, medical care, enrichment and extracurricular activities. Since the cost of caring for one young person at Wings is over $8,500 per year, every sponsorship is vital to ensuring that the St. Joseph Family can continue to provide for these special individuals that would otherwise have no rights or opportunities in Haitian society.
How the children you support will benefit. Child sponsorship allows the children and young adults to know they are thought about, valued, and loved. Many of us with big, happy families too often take this for granted, but for a young person that grew up on the streets or as a slave, the care you show through your sponsorship makes a big difference.
What you’ll receive in return. In addition to the knowledge that your contribution is having a direct impact on the life of a young person in Haiti, sponsors get to know the children through letters, pictures, school reports, and biographies thoughtfully and regularly prepared by the St. Joseph Family and sent to your mailing address. Sponsors are also encouraged to further their bond with their sponsored child through trips to Haiti.


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