How did the Tree of Life Child Get it’s Name

Ben and Rick paint leaves on the tree of life

About the Tree of Life Child Sponsor Program Name

During the 2010 earthquake, St. Joseph Home for Boys Director, Bill Nathan, was thrown from the rooftop and fell seven stories to the concrete below. A single tree supported the weight of the St. Joseph Home for Boys and prevented the entire building from falling on top of Bill. That tree, and its life-saving energy, were the inspiration for the Tree of Life program and has become a symbol of divine protection for all the members of the St. Joseph Family.

Collage of tree of life

Left: The tree that saved Bill’s life by holding up St. Joseph’s Home for Boys. Right: The tree was later carved into a sculpture of the Archangel Michael slaying the demon. This sculpture now resides in the kitchen of the new St. Joseph Home for Boys.