Mission travel

"Bèf san ke, Bondye pouse mouch pou yo."
The ox with no tail, God will clear the flies for it.

Upcoming Trips

  • November 7-13 (St. James’s Episcopal Church)

Contact the Hearts with Haiti office at info@heartswithhaiti.org if you are interested in joining a trip! 

Traveling to Haiti is a remarkable experience that will open your eyes to a rich and diverse cultural experience and create countless memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.
Both St. Joseph’s Home for Boys and Wings of Hope offer comfortable and reasonably priced guest houses.

St. Joseph’s Home for Boys

At St. Joseph’s Home for Boys in Port-au-Prince, guests are treated to a warm and inviting respite, replete with running water, delicious meals, clean and comfortable beds, lush gardens, and great company.  At St. Joseph’s, rooms are available in both the old guest house and in the brand new, earthquake-resistant facilities. These new facilities rival any new construction in Haiti. This guesthouse is rated as a ‘Top Pick’ by Lonely Planet and is listed as among the best Bed and Breakfasts in Port-au-Prince by Trip Advisor.



For inquiries and reservations, contact the Hearts with Haiti office at info@heartswithhaiti.org.


Photo of rooftop living room at St. Joseph Home for Boys
Enjoy a panoramic view of Port-au-Prince via
St. Joseph’s rooftop terrace.

Wings of Hope

At Wings of Hope in Jacmel, guests stay in a home adjacent to the residence for the children and young adults of Wings of Hope.  In addition to comfortable, clean accommodations, guests at Wings of Hope have the opportunity to volunteer with and alongside the residents and staff.  In addition, Jacmel offers many stunning beaches and shopping opportunities for visitors.
For inquiries and reservations, contact the Hearts with Haiti office at info@heartswithhaiti.org.
Hearts with Haiti board member with wings of hope children volunteering - mission travel
Visitors volunteer alongside Wings of Hope staff and residents

Be prepared!

Whether you are staying at one of the St. Joseph Family properties or elsewhere, you’ll find the information in this travel guide to be an invaluable source of information. Topics include:

  • Accommodations and food
  • Work and long-term volunteering
  • Precautions
  • Travel and arrival information
  • Ground transportation
  • Money and donations
  • What to bring (personal and donations)
  • A crash course in Kreyol
More videos of Haiti and the St. Joseph Family are available on our YouTube channel.