General operations

Monthly Challenges

It is Holy Thursday, a time to remember the way Jesus served his disciples, and he serves us. Every Holy Thursday the Wings of Hope family has a foot washing service. Everyone, regardless of their status or abilities, has their feet washed, and they wash the feet of others. We do this to remember that Jesus loves us, and that we need to love and serve one another.

Whose feet have you washed today? Who washes your feet?

We invite you to participate in the foot washing at Wings of Hope by giving $13 to wash the feet of one of the Wings residents, or $33 to wash the feet of all 33 residents, so that our lives of service can continue to be supported. Participate in this challenge by giving today.


Providing a donation to support the general operations of the organization is a great way to support Hearts with Haiti and the St. Joseph Family. This support covers virtually all aspects of our mission, from education, to food, to staff salaries, to utilities. Since Hearts with Haiti has very low administrative overhead (16% in 2014), donors can count on virtually all of their dollars making it to Haiti.