General operations

Monthly Challenges


In the Christian calendar Lent is a time of preparation, sacrifice and repentance, in remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus with his taking up of the cross and his crucifixion for our sins. If this is your tradition, we invite you to participate in our Lenten Challenge for the St. Joseph Family.

Make the decision to sacrifice $1 for each of the 40 days of Lent and offer that up as your penance during your Lenten tradition of repentance. Take the opportunity to “fast” each day from something you would have normally spent that money on — a can of cola, a cup of coffee, a candy bar — and instead use it to support the children of the St. Joseph Family.

Providing a donation to support the general operations of the organization is a great way to support Hearts with Haiti and the St. Joseph Family. This support covers virtually all aspects of our mission, from education, to food, to staff salaries, to utilities. Since Hearts with Haiti has very low administrative overhead (16% in 2014), donors can count on virtually all of their dollars making it to Haiti.