Defendant’s motion for new trial rejected, $1M interest added to $14.5M award

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PORTLAND, MAINE, October 31, 2015 — A United States District Court Judge denied in its entirety Paul Kendrick’s motion for a new trial, seeking to overturn a ten-member jury’s unanimous verdict against him for creating and disseminating false allegations of child abuse against Michael Geilenfeld and others at St. Joseph’s Family of Haiti.  The jury’s verdict, which awarded $14.5 million to Geilenfeld and Hearts with Haiti, Inc., the U.S.-based nonprofit that supports St. Joseph’s Family, was the culmination of a three-week trial in United States District Court in July 2015. The jury not only found that the allegations of child abuse were false but that Kendrick knew they were false or recklessly disregarded their falsity when he published heinous allegations of child abuse in thousands of internet publications and mass e-mail distributions.

In its October 31, 2015 Order, the Court upheld the jury’s unanimous verdict, rejected the motion for new trial, and ordered Kendrick to pay pre- and post-judgment interest on the $14.5 million damages award, totaling approximately $1 million in additional damages.

Geilenfeld and Hearts with Haiti are pleased with the Court’s recent order and very much look forward to focusing their organizations’ energies on their charitable endeavors in Haiti, which care for the most disadvantaged Haitian children, including those with physical and mental disabilities, child slaves, and street children.


Hearts with Haiti is a registered U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Together with the St. Joseph Family in Haiti, Hearts with Haiti is invested in fostering a brighter, more sustainable future for the young people of Haiti.