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Photo of WalnesHaitian drummer who was a child slave to visit Saint Francis –

Bill Nathan was only 6 years old when his parents died. After he was taken in by another family, and he realized he was their slave. If he did not do … [read full story]


Jacky Asse, Director of Wings of Hope in Haiti

RVA in Haiti: New experience for longtime volunteer

FERMATHE, Haiti – For ten years, Richmonder Dr. Lerla Joseph, an internal medicine doctor, has been volunteering in Haiti. She had never been able to make it to this special place — until now.


RVA in Haiti: The beautiful story of Wings of Hope

RVA in Haiti: The beautiful spirit at Wings of Hope

FERMATHE, Haiti – High in the mountains overlooking Port-au-Prince is a refuge for kids who were literally left for dead.

“We find them sometimes in our stairway…”