PRESIDENT: Alan Stone, Richmond, Virginia

Why I Serve: “After multiple mission trips to Haiti, including three working at St. Joseph’s, I believe that the SJF approach of caring for the most needy in the community at Wings of Hope, education scores of children at LST, and particularly of raising and educating boys at St. Joseph’s in a disciplined, loving and nurturing environment, and training them to be future leaders in their communities and in their country, is critical to the long term success of Haiti, and I want to do what I can to support that effort.”

TRUSTEE: Daniel Jn Mary, Director, Nouvo Vi Bakery; Member of St. Joseph Family Board

Why I Serve: “I serve because the St. Joseph Family was a provider, a loving place for me – I now want to help ensure the continuity of the work.”

TRUSTEE: Bill Nathan, Director, St. Joseph’s Home for Boys, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Why I Serve: ”I am so proud to be part of the Family and be able to give back, because the Family has given me so much over the years.”

TRUSTEE: Mark Peifer, Chapel Hill, NC

Why I Serve: “The kids at Wings captured my heart and the hospitality and leadership of the St. Joseph Family give me confidence in the ongoing work.”

TRUSTEE: Rev. Dr. Lynn Stanton-Hoyle, Clifton, Virginia

Why I Serve: “I am always inspired by the “abilities not disabilities” spirit of the Wings of Hope Community and the blossoming of potential and love that I see growing in the lives of the members of Wings community and the SJF family and staff who call forth their many gifts.”

TRUSTEE: Julie Wade, Richmond, Virginia

Why I Serve: “I LOVE the people, including the kids at Wings of Hope and St. Joseph’s home, the people on the ground running the ministries, and the people with whom I serve.  I have received far more than I have given, and feel truly blessed to be part of this family.”

TRUSTEE: Jay West, Richmond, Virginia

TRUSTEE: Bailey Stanford, Durham, North Carolina

TREASURER (EX-OFFICIO) TREASURER (EX-OFFICIO): David Gospodarek, CPA, Raleigh, North Carolina

Executive Director: Ellen Coppley
Director of Communications and Sponsorship: Renee Dietrich