Fiscal accountability

Our Board takes fiscal responsibility seriously.  Since 2001, we have raised over $6 million from donors across the United States.  In us, you have entrusted an immense responsibility, and we do not take this lightly. We receive monthly revenue and expense reports from the three homes of the St. Joseph Family which detail recurring operational expenditures for food, medicine, clothing, wages, transportation, medical care, and repairs and maintenance.  These expenses are reviewed by the Board treasurer and Executive Director and reconciled with the monthly contributions made by Hearts with Haiti towards SJF expenses. Hearts with Haiti retains complete discretion over the use of funds contributed.

Click on the links to view our 990’s from: 20142013, and 2012.  We would be happy to provide you with earlier 990s and/or audits if you reach out to us via

We believe in patience and trust. We recognize that most developing countries operate largely on a cash basis, meaning that signed receipts for cash payments aren’t always easy to obtain and credit cards are only rarely used in business transactions.  This complicates the process of maintaining rigorous accounting and necessitates that we communicate with our partner regularly, constantly building on trusted relationships and our shared vision for mission.

Details matter to us. Donors who designate gifts for particular purposes can be assured that contributions received by Hearts with Haiti are categorized and segregated into “designated” and “non-designated” funds.  They are transferred to the St. Joseph Family where they are again segregated into accounts designated for general operating expenses and designated capital expenses.

We believe in partnerships. We work in partnership with the SJF Board of Directors; additionally, Daniel Jean Mary and Bill Nathan serve on the Board of Trustees for Hearts with Haiti.

Our donors ask, “Why is reconstruction so expensive?” Contrary to popular assumptions, the cost of construction in Haiti is disproportionately high. Building materials are more expensive than they are in the US and are often more difficult to obtain. More significantly, SJF is not simply replacing the buildings that were lost, they are re-imagining them. In collaboration with the architects and engineers, the Family has committed to constructing model buildings able to withstand future natural disasters, and structures that are outstanding in their design and functionality in serving special needs children.

We welcome your feedback.  Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about your donations or how we are spending your money.

Hearts with Haiti is committed to transparency and has been recognized a Guidestar Exchange Gold Participant.

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